yes, im a guy

girl/boy: *diagnosed with anorexia*

everyone: kids in 3rd world countries would give anything for that food, and you refuse it!

girl/boy: *diagnosed as bulimic*

everyone: cancer patients with give anything to be able to keep their food in, and you choose to throw it up!

girl/boy: *diagnosed as a binge eater*

everyone: chill your fat ass out, some kids eat once a day!

girl/boy: *suicidal*

everyone: people die every day, you should be grateful for your life!

girl/boy: *self harms*

everyone: lots of people have it worse than you, be grateful about how good you have it!

girl/boy: *has anxiety*

everyone: stop freaking out over everything, it's not that big of a deal!


girl/boy: yep that fixed everything thanks

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